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The community-led eXperience platform for business of every size.

We are building a bold and audacious global digital platform that will empower brands and businesses to enjoy seemingly limitless options to engage, influence, connect and transact with their customers, partners and employees.



Deploy bank-level identification with liveness, identity proofing, and Identity authentication


Engage with customers, prospects, employees & partners more safely, precisely, speedily, and easily.


Deliver delightful and contextual experiences with our community-led Connected Commerce platform

Frequently Asked Question

Ziphii is a community-led and identity-first, multi-sided experience platform for businesses of every size.

Ziphii’s mission is to be the distributed business services platform that integrates Identity, Engagement, Payment as well as many other business processes in the digital transformation journey of businesses, brands, governments, institutions, and associations.

It does this by providing tools that will allow our customers to securely, speedily and easily create and host “Hubs” that enable them to build active and vibrant community; offer services and transact with users who connects with them and offer deeper engagements and connected experiences

Ziphii is a two-sided platform and so caters to two types of users.
Consumer Users
Step 1. Create a user account
Step 2. Enter details of their profile
Step 3. Discover brands and businesses and connect to them
Business Users
Step 1. Create a Hub. Hubs are business accounts that brands and businesses use to host their product and services
Step 2. Choose and add cloud apps from Ziphii App Store
Step 3. Go live with your services and start accepting subscribers

Ziphii is free for consumer users, but business users will be billed monthly if they deploy cloud apps that has exceeded the free-tier

TRADE is a community-led and Connected Commerce platform that enables providers to offer deeper engagements and build an active and vibrant community to offer meaningful goods and services to consumers who connect with them. They will get tools to create compelling web pages for listing and build awesome landing pages and e-commerce stores for their Services, Products, Events, Jobs, and Causes and accept payments irrespective of their industry.

Consumers today are no longer differentiating brands as B2B or B2C, they simply want a “human experience”. In Ziphii, because we understand that the boundaries that once existed between business-facing and consumer-facing companies are fast disappearing, we have crafted our platform to be a meld of these two techniques to produce a human-to-human (H2H) experience. Our goal is to “humanize” the online eCommerce marketplace, by enabling sellers to offer deeper engagements with consumers who connect with them. It supports the entire customers’ journey from product discovery and engagement and all the way through to purchase and post-purchase while enabling brands and businesses to project their core values.

Our community-led Connected Commerce introduces a revolutionary platform that enables brands to sell to multiple channels and host social-engagement channels. It creates a more personal communication between customers and brands, thereby enabling the brands to deliver contextual, consistent, and relevant experiences which connect buyers with the types of content that will be most valuable in supporting purchasing decisions.